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Retail Analytics

Retail business analytics allow you to leverage data-driven insight from your business and your customers to improve the customer experience, increase your sales, and optimize operations.

Retail analytics can deliver actionable intelligence to positively inform every aspect of your retail business — from sales and marketing to supply chain, inventory, and customer behavior. Retail analytics tools can help you identify your most valuable customer cohort, as well as their changing preferences, so you can more effectively develop strategic marketing campaigns. With the help of retail data analytics, you can identify products that sell best, forecast sales and future demand, and better control cash flow.

Benefits of Retail Analytics

Successful retail organizations leverage insight about their customers, products, and operations derived from retail analytics tools to make better decisions around marketing, sales, and operations.


With retail analytics, you gain a single source of truth about your customers, their buying preferences, and their online and offline engagement with your brand. Retail analytics is especially important for e-commerce retailers who want to increase brand awareness and enhance digital advertising results.

  • Gain insight on customer journey and behavior

  • Enhance customer experience

  • Anticipate demand and other important trends

  • Improve and optimize in-store operations


Enhancing decision-making and increase market share

  • Leveraging data to optimize the customer experience

  • Streamlining relationships between data and people

  • Gaining 360 degree view of customer needs

  • Delivering self-service, real-time access to data

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Sales Summary

Geo Analysis

Store Performance

Store Ranking

Product Review


Build your own report easily with a simple drag and drop function. Visual representations of your data make analysis intuitive and simple. Each dossier consists of individual pages arranged into easy-to-navigate chapters. On each page, you can access business-critical updates about your data with compelling visualizations, such as graphs and maps.

Dossiers help businesses drive the success and adoption of Business Intelligence (BI), an integral component of an Intelligent Enterprise. Intelligent Enterprises effectively designs and implements BI solutions while promoting effective use of data across the organization.

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