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Healthcare Analytics

When combined with business intelligence suites and data visualization tools, healthcare analytics help managers operate better by providing real-time information that can support decisions and deliver actionable insights.

Healthcare analytics focuses on the technologies and processes that measure, manage, and analyze healthcare data. Using healthcare analytics properly enables you to make more effective and efficient operational and clinical decisions. Examples of insights gained from healthcare data analytics can help you better understand the drivers of operational and clinical success, medical outcomes, costs of delivery, and which aspects of those outcomes you can improve for better results.

Benefits of Healthcare Analytics

​Business analytics in healthcare help organizations efficiently and effectively analyze data to drive better decision-making throughout the healthcare enterprise. Using healthcare analytics, you can better direct resources to have the most impact on improving operational procedures, processes, and patient care


Improve the Patient Experience

Analytics in the healthcare industry supports a sharper focus on improving the quality of care experience. These analytics help your practitioners and staff make better decisions around program enhancements to improve business operations and outcomes. Analytics in healthcare turns data into practical information that guides the most informed decision-making around patient experience.

Customer Happiness


Voice of Customer



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Improved Process for Enhanced Customer Service

Genetic screening requires the collection and management of enormous stores of data. A healthcare analytics solution allows scientists to do more with data by analyzing it in a secure environment, delivering insights at an enterprise-wide level, and improving customer service.


Hospital Management

Queue Management

Admin Services

Medical Fitness

Facility & Profession Analysis

Contact Center

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Voice of Customer

Customer Happiness Internal Study



Contact Center CX Survey

Mystery Shopper

Customer Journey

Happiness Meter


Build your own report easily with a simple drag and drop function. Visual representations of your data make analysis intuitive and simple. Each dossier consists of individual pages arranged into easy-to-navigate chapters. On each page, you can access business-critical updates about your data with compelling visualizations, such as graphs and maps.

Dossiers help businesses drive the success and adoption of Business Intelligence (BI), an integral component of an Intelligent Enterprise. Intelligent Enterprises effectively designs and implements BI solutions while promoting effective use of data across the organization.

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