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Mall Analytics

Better business strategies. Specifically designed

for mall industry

Main Components


Mall Analytics measures the quantity and quality of the relationship between malls and stores.

The future of malls includes tracking technologies and Digital Malls. Mall owners can increase revenue by optimizing Anchor Tenants and Tenant Mix.


And retail stores can increase visitors, conversions, and sales opportunities.

Financial Performance


Profit & Loss

  • Monthly & YTD Performance

  • Variations vs. Budget or

  • Forecast

  • Growth over Last Year

  • Monthly Trends

  • Group Summary

  • Breakdown by Business Units

  • Breakdown by Account

  • Hierarchy

  • Key P&L Ratios



  • Current vs. Previous Month

  • Various Trends

  • Analysis by Ageing Buckets

  • Analysis by Invoice Type

  • Analysis by Outstanding Status

  • Top Stores • by Ageing Bucket

  • Key P&L Ratios

  • Top Tenant Groups by Ageing Bucket

  • Customer Group* Financial Performance

  • Receivables vs. Collections


Footfall Analysis

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, YTD Performance

  • Growth over Last Year

  • Trends

  • Footfall vs. Mall Revenue


  • Analysis of Events (Ramadan, New Year etc.)

  • Comparison of Current

  • Year Event performance

  • with previous year

Rent to Sales Performance

  • Comparison between Stores within

  • each Retail Category

  • Comparison between each Retail

  • Category

  • Categorization of Rent to Sales

  • performance for Retail Categories &

  • Tenant Group (High, Satisfactory, Low,

  • Alert)

  • Monthly & YTD Performance

  • Growth over Last Year

  • Monthly Trends

  • Performance Comparison of KPIs

  • Footfall vs. Tenant Sales

  • Sales per Sq Ft

  • Lease Area

  • Rent per Sq Ft

  • Rent to Sales YTD / Annualized

Tenant Sales Performance

Occupancy Analysis

  • Occupancy comparison between Malls

  • Occupancy by Area and Number of Units

Tenant Mix

  • Comparison between each Retail Category

  • Count of Store, Lease Area, Rent, Tenant Sales

  • Anchor vs Non Anchor Stores Performance

Tenant Sales Analysis

Tenant (Store) Sale

  • Monthly & YTD Performance

  • Growth over Last Year

  • Performance Comparison in Retail Category

  • Performance Comparison by Location / Floor

  • Tenant Sales

  • Lease Area

  • Rent / Rent per Sq Ft

  • Rent to Sales YTD / Annualized

Tenant Group Performance

  • Performance of Customer

  • Breakdown by Tenant Group Company / Brand

  • Number of Brands / Stores

  • Tenant Group Sales

  • Total Lease Area

  • Total Rent / Rent per Sq Ft

  • Rent to Sales


Retail Category Performance

  • Comparison between Retail Categories

  • Sales

  • Lease Area

  • Rent per Sq Ft

  • Rent to Sales

Floor analysis 2.png

Floor Analysis

Deep dive into your desired brand store locations


  • Footfall by Mall

  • Breakdown by Floor

  • Breakdown by Zone

  • Monthly & YTD comparison vs. Last Year


Customer Relationship Management

The CRM cycle involves marketing, customer service, and sales activities. It starts with outreach and customer acquisition and ideally leads to customer loyalty.

Key stages in the CRM cycle:

  • Reaching a potential customer

  • Customer acquisition

  • Conversion

  • Customer retention

  • Customer loyalty


Build your own report easily with a simple drag and drop function. Visual representations of your data make analysis intuitive and simple. Each dossier consists of individual pages arranged into easy-to-navigate chapters. On each page, you can access business-critical updates about your data with compelling visualizations, such as graphs and maps.

Dossiers help businesses drive the success and adoption of Business Intelligence (BI), an integral component of an Intelligent Enterprise. Intelligent Enterprises effectively designs and implements BI solutions while promoting effective use of data across the organization.

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