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Banking Analytics for Temenos Insight

Bank IQ Solution is a plug & play analytics platform for Temenos core banking software for the bank's management team. 


BankIQ can be implemented in a few weeks into production at a bank that uses Temenos Core Banking platform.

Bank IQ covers:

  • Bank Performance

  • Business Unit Performance

  • Customer Analytics

  • Channel Performance

  • Self-Service Reporting

  • Alerts and Subscriptions


Bank Performance

Bank Performance is a Theoretical and Empirical Framework for the Analysis of Profitability, Competition, and Efficiency.

Balance Sheet​

Income Statement

Key Ratios

Competitive Benchmarks

Business Unit Performance






Channel Performance

Channel performance is an outcome measure of the channel of distribution. The performance of a distribution channel can be assessed by considering a number of performance dimensions,
including channel effectiveness, channel efficiency, channel productivity, and channel profitability.

Overall Achievement

New Customers Acquisition

New Saving Accounts

New Loans


Customer Analytics

  • Liabilities

  • Assets

  • Investments

  • Bank Assurance

  • Forex

  • Collateral

  • Open Service Requests

  • Campaign Response


Build your own report easily with a simple drag and drop function. Visual representations of your data make analysis intuitive and simple. Each dossier consists of individual pages arranged into easy-to-navigate chapters. On each page, you can access business-critical updates about your data with compelling visualizations, such as graphs and maps.

Dossiers help businesses drive the success and adoption of Business Intelligence (BI), an integral component of an Intelligent Enterprise. Intelligent Enterprises effectively designs and implements BI solutions while promoting effective use of data across the organization.

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