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Invent MerchPlan

High-precision Merchandise Planning to Create the Right Product Mix and Inventory Levels Throughout the Season

Invent MerchPlan is a high-level solution for planning an organization’s sales, margin, inventory turns targets. MerchPlan provides a common configurable platform for a retailer’s current and future omnichannel planning needs.

Invent MerchPlan provides an intuitive strategic view of the business with drill-down capabilities and the key retail planning metrics. Users can edit merchandise financial plans at the highest and lowest levels within the defined product hierarchy.

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Top-down and

Bottom-up Planning

Invent MerchPlan supports top-down financial planning and bottom-up category and store plans. It creates an environment that allows effective collaboration across the organization, reconciling all plans to the strategic business targets.

Brand-Category Sales Plan

Data-driven sales plans, weekly or monthly, for each product category for each channel. Invent MerchPlan automatically creates sales plans based on past year financial performance, trends, and growth strategy of the firm.

Pricing Analysis and Strategy

Past performance of price groups in each category is evaluated to determine a pricing strategy – with detailed markup and expected margin plans.

Inventory In-take Plan


Sales plans are converted into an Inventory-In-Take Plan to create the desired inventory turns.

Collection Plan/ Option Plan

Optimal assortment breadth -number of options- is determined based on detailed analyses of SKU productivity.

Open-to-buy Budget Management, Dynamic In-season Forecasting

MerchPlan enables the retailers to monitor their inventory spending and control their open-to-buy budget throughout the season. Dynamic in-season forecasting allows managers to proactively adjust plans according to changing demand and inventory conditions.

MerchPlan Checklist

  • Improved inventory financial performance

  • Optimal assortment breadth

  • Localized assortments at each store

  • Lower markdowns

  • Higher sell-through

  • The right products to the right stores at the right times

  • Simpler and more productive planning processes for category managers,


System Features


Invent MerchPlan leverages cloud for agility, flexibility and return on investment. MerchPlan requires no IT investment and is offered as a pay-as-you go plan.

Smart Reports on Tableau

Invent MerchPlan provides the users with customizable reports to monitor sales targets and financial performance. MerchPlan utilizes the visualization tools of Tableau.

Compatible MerchPlan

Can be integrated with all ERP systems seamlessly. The user interface can be accessed from any HTML5 compatible device.

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