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Invent Maps

A fully Integrated Retail Analytics Platform for Scientific Merchandising and Planning

Invent MAPS is a cloud-based omnichannel retail planning platform. Leveraging an integrated platform of data analytics, proprietary forecasting technology and advanced decision systems, MAPS enables retailers and supply chain managers to anticipate the future demand and make profit maximizing inventory and pricing decisions.



  • Organize and make sense of huge volumes of retail data in real time

  • Correct sales data for stock-outs and lost sales

  • Mine your data to discover product attributes that drive sales

  • Create store and product clusters based on demand behavior


  • Forecast future demand at any aggregation level of location-product-time dimensions

  • Anticipate the impact of calendar events, promotions and weather computed separately for each store-product group

  • Achieve robust and highly accurate forecasts with advanced machine learning and nonparametric estimation methods


  • Maximize profitability with advanced optimization methods

  • Our Inventory Management and Pricing Modules are customized to fit retailers’ unique needs

  • Invent MAPS contains five distinct modules; Demand-Driven Forecasting, Replenishment, Markdown Pricing, Initial Allocation,


  • Monitor results and system’s impact on KPIs on a centralized platform, from any location in any format. It’s fast and easy.

  • Precisely understand the impact of strategic decisions and discover opportunities to keep improving system profitability.

  • Gain better insight with beautiful and interactive data visualization

System Features


Invent MAPS leverages cloud for agility, flexibility and return on investment. MAPS requires no IT investment and is offered as a pay-as-you go plan.

Smart Reports on Tableau

MAPS provides users with customizable Tableau reports on product’s lifecycle to monitor performance and provide insight.


MAPS can be integrated with all ERP systems seamlessly. Our user interface is accessible from any HTML5 compatible device.

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