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We help you make the right decisions with Business Analytics

About Us

Creo Technologies is a global technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering modern data-driven solutions to enterprises. As a trusted partner, we collaborate with leading vendors and brands to provide strategic and innovative solutions that empower executive leaders and democratize data.


Our team consists of experienced technology professionals and domain experts who offer scalable and robust solutions in advanced analytics, machine learning, statistical modeling, data visualization, data engineering, data governance, modern data architecture, DataOps, and MLOps.


Creo's proven proprietary accelerators and solutions caters to various industries, including Retail, Healthcare, Government and Municipal, Telecom, Banking, Real Estate, and Manufacturing, leveraging our deep understanding of their unique challenges and opportunities. At Creo, we are committed to delivering excellence and helping our clients unlock the full potential of their data. With our expertise, cutting-edge solutions, and industry partnerships, we enable organizations to gain valuable insights and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving data landscape.

Our Partners
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We design, build and deploy high quality at a fixed price. You can rely on our years of experience



Unlock data and transform it into decision supportive information is becoming a competitive advantage.



Visualization though is a very powerful tool if it is done correctly. Complex data and information becomes easily understandable and usable.


Deep dive into your data once you have it unlocked. Reporting will tell you what, when and why it happened.



The world has gone mobile. Period. Accessibility of information anytime and anywhere has become a must have.

Planning &


Keeping cost under control and thus increase margin whilst at the same time planning your growth has become an absolute must.


Every Project

is Unique

Design, build, test, document, implement, train and manage. Each project is unique, depending on the purpose it is to serve. Often projects are designed with a lot of customizations upfront. We believe in ‘standardization by default, customize where necessary’. Our extensive knowledge across various business domains help you to get the project delivered efficient, fast and reliable.


Furthermore we use remote working technology where ever required and therefore we can delivered solutions in the complete Gulf region.


We are an independent company and therefore able to select whatever technology suits your infrastructure, skills, experience and requirements best.

Creotech in Numbers


Years of Experience




Years in the Market



Dubai & Istanbul


Experienced Consultants with 100% Success Rate

Data integrity and preparation are key to successful analyzing your data. We will make sure your data layer is in top condition and ready to be mined upon.


Our consultants will advise you on which techniques fits the business need at hand most. Whether you are looking to improve your cross and upsell, reduce churn or make accurate forecast we are here to assist. With our great experience cross-industry we have dealt with all kinds of questions and engaged with various stakeholders in different roles to make sure our deliverables actually meet your goals.

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